Monday, October 29, 2007

Adoption Update

We are ready to send in our I600A. We have learned that there is now a longer wait for referrals from our agency. When I was talking to our agency rep on Friday she said that travelling in May would be "pushing it." It may mean that we won't be finalized to travel until after we PCS. We were frustrated on Friday, but I am confident that God's plan and timing is more important than mine and that if we are supposed to do this, it will work out in the timing that is supposed to work. I know that I was concerned about moving to Alabama and the girls' schools, etc, etc. God worked it out just perfectly. He knows our needs and is faithful to take care of them, including the increase of fees for the adoption.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TV Troubles!

Ok, my husband received a promotion 2+ years ago and with his extra income we purchased a NICE tv. It was his gift for working so hard. On Sunday morning the TV decided not to turn on. I know that there is a lot in our budget going out on adoption right now and decided I wasn't going to think twice about the stupid TV. Yes, I felt jipped for spending so much and it not lasting too long, on and on. Dave and I discussed the situation and we decided that we were not going to spend any more. We would bring the little one from our bedroom out to the living room.

I went to work and when I arrived home Dave had a Cheshire Cat grin. I couldn't figure it out. He has a NEW Phillips TV! Ok, it is name brand (our other one wasn't) and.......It is 8 inches bigger!!!!! Our old TV was past warranty and when he called the dealer to get a place to take it to fix it, they wouldn't give him a name because it was past warranty, WHAT??? He did a little research online and found out the the brand we purchased wasn't known for their customer service. Dave called Sam's Club (sorry Costco) and they said bring it in and they will refund the money.....well past warranty, on and on. Dave called his friend and they took it in, they gladly refunded the money and said that he would have to get a Sam's Club membership renewed.....didn't think twice, of course. So, Dave got a new Phillips TV, 8 inches larger, Sam's Club membership for the two of us for a year and a refund of $.90! How amazing is that? I'm so glad that I didn't worry about it!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Home Study Visits Finished!

We have finished our third and final visit with the social worker until our little boy is home. She shared with us a lot of what to expect with an international adoption. She will finish up the homestudy paper and then send it to us to proof and then on to our agency in the next couple of weeks. She gave us the go ahead to file our I-600 with the US Citizenship and Immigration office so it will be ready and waiting for the homestudy. Honestly, I'm not sure what the next step is, but we are progressing :) I feel confident that our agency knows what to do and we just follow them step by step. So far, there are no glitches. I'm relieved to have yet one more step out of the way!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I know it isn't that exciting to those of you on the West Coast, but here in the South, it's exciting news!!!!! Our Costco opened this week. Dave went down today on his day off with the girls and got our membership renewed. It was like being home again! We ended up spending way more than we needed to....don't we always? As we were driving out there, I sighed because I didn't bring my camera. Dave reassured me that it would be OK to not have pictures :)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Home Study

It has been a stressful week!!! I had an awful day at work on Tuesday. I stayed for 12 hours. I can't wait to walk into work with airline tickets in hand, someday! Anyway, with the stress at work, it didn't help that Dave and I were keyed up about the unknowns of a home study. I stayed up cleaning on Thursday night and luckily have a late arrival on Fridays. I jetted home as fast as I could from work on Friday and arrived just as Dave and our social worker were arriving. We had a wonderful time of conversation and lots of good insights of the international adoption world. We were left with a binder of reading material and she will come back to meet with the girls next week and then the week after she will meet with Dave and I again and be on our way to having an approved home study.....Oh, and all the cleaning, probably not that important, but when I am stressed, a clean house sure helps me feel better :)

Scooter Crash!

McKenzie was riding her scooter on the porch waiting for me to get ready for church. Dave normally walks to church, so he headed out the front door and told her to put her helmet on. I was walking by the front door and thought I would peek my head out and check on her. Just as I was looking.....she hit the crack in the porch and fell over the front of her scooter and landed straight on her wrist. I held myself together and asked how she was. I was sure she broke her wrist. I called Dave and he didn't answer. I got ready quickly and decided to head to church early. We immediately put her wrist on ice. She never cried through the whole process. Dave has a friend who is a Dr. here and he gave a little triage and stated that we needed to take her in for x-rays today. So, Dave and Randa stayed for church while Kenzie and I headed for Pri-Med. We were seen quickly, considering the other waits that I have had to endure there :) The Dr. looked at the x-rays and didn't see any breaks. She went home with a splint. We took her back to the on-base Dr. on Wed (the Pri Med Dr's suggestion if it didn't feel significantly better) and had more x-rays. The radiologist confirmed that it was not broken. There for a few hours she was hoping for a a few days with a splint, she is happy there isn't a cast involved. She should be out of the splint in another week or so :)