Monday, June 04, 2007

Family Pictures

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We went to visit the Ehabe family and had a lot of fun time with the family.

McKenzie took to being the "big sister" more than ever and was very helpful.
We went to Stones Mountain just outside of Atlanta. It is similar to Mt. Rushmore, but smaller (so I hear, I haven't ever seen it) and it is a Civil War picture.....crazy enough. I didn't get a picture. How did that slip by me? As usual, Dave was having fun with the girls.

We tried to take it easy, Ernest just had Gall Bladder surgery and we didn't want to have him over exert himself. Unfortunately, I think it was a little too much walking for him.

McKenzie Turns 11

McKenzie turned 11 and celebrated with her friends at Libby Lu. This is their "before" photo.
Their after photo
They performed a Hannah Montana song
McKenzie's Rockstar cake. You know it is tradition that I make the girls a cake....I almost forgot. Luckily kenzie reminded me by telling me what she wanted and I had to do it that day. This working full-time stuff is a lot to manage. I almost forgot what it was like :)