Friday, June 26, 2009

Sonshine is perking up

We went for a visit last night and he wasn't happy to see us and turned away when we talked to him. He had a cone on, IV, catheder. He wasn't looking good.

We went in today and Sonshine had another x-ray and was so much more energetic. He was up and exploring a little on the table. The dr said that there are several possible scenarios. If the ureter is broken, his chance of survival is minimal. It may be that he is simply swollen and the swelling needs to go down so that he can go to the bathroom. Let's continue to pray that it is the latter scenario.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pray for Sonshine

Sonshine has been vomiting most of the night and had some screaming in pain episodes. I called the vet to see if this was normal. They made an appointment and I took him in at noon. They admitted him to "kitty hospital" and said he was dehydrated and a low body temperature. They will try to warm him up and put fluids in him and hopefully he will be back to himself in a couple of days. I have my doubts...I think the vet does too. Please pray for Sonshine and the Leonards!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mommy ran over the cat!

Yep...You can strip me of the award for Mom of the Year! The girls have threatened to revoke my license. The kitty ran out of the house and I didn't know that he wasn't inside. I backed out to run to the gas station. About 30 feet down the road it felt like I had hit something and I looked up and saw an orange kitty streak for the house. I thought there was no way that I really hit the cat. I didn't ever see him on the road, but thought that I should turn around just in case. I went back to the house and didn't see Sonshine hiding in his normal outside hiding spot and opened up the door and asked if Sonshine was in the house. Nope...Oh-No! I asked Dave as calmly as I could to come outside--NOW! I told him that I thought that I may have hit Sonshine and we needed to find him. Just a few moments later we heard him screeching/howling/suffering! Dave finally found him in between the neighbor's garbage cans. He immediately scooped him up and we hopped in the car. There was no visible bleeding. After hopping in the car and rushing out the gate, we realized that Dave had no shoes and no ID. We hadn't told the girls yet. We called our helpful neighbors and they called the vet and found one that was open and let them know that we were on our way. Sonshine climbed under the seat and I thought that he was not going to make it to the vet alive.

McKenzie called to tell us that Sonshine was outside and that it was raining and she couldn't find him. This is when we felt it necessary that she know that we had him. She began to cry. We knew we were going to have a mess on our hands. Kenzie is crying and she is supposed to be our babysitter. We called our good neighbors to come look in on the kiddos. We called the girls again to check in and they were all crying and Nathan was yelling "MEOW" over the top of all of them. The neighbors were able to calm them down.

Sonshine made it to the vet and had the exam and looks like he should be fine! O thank you Jesus! I didn't want to be the responsible party for killing the cat! He in on antibiotics, got a pain killer shot and his ears cleaned. We'll take him in for a follow up next week. We arrived home with a sore, drowsy kitty and three happy kiddos!

Dave wanted me to mark today on the calendar as the worst day on Guam. He had just returned home from a difficult memorial service. Being the amazing husband that he is, he purchased a half dozen roses for me on the way home (He listens to a little too much country music and a dozen roses were out of the budget). Dave and I decided that there would have to be a pre-set spending limit on the cat. We set our limit before we arrived at the vet and it didn't even come close!!!! The flowers that he purchased were more than the vet visit...even better!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday McKenzie

Happy Birthday Kenzie! What a wonderful and amazing young woman you are. I have no reservation about having a teenager, knowing that you are a God-loving teen! I enjoy every day with you. It only makes me sad that you are another year closer to moving out. Let's not think about that...on to the fun part...the party!
McKenzie misses the snow SO much! She decided to have a WinterWonderland in Guam.
her igloo cake...
penguins in attendance....
snocones from Dad....
Mom and Dad with their scarves
The introduction of the kitty!

Is that really for me???

McKenzie is thrilled with her new kitty. He has done well. You'll be happy to know that he has not maliciously bitten anybody yet :) I'm not quite sure what to do with a normal kitty!

Can you tell I have a 2 year old? It has been over a week since McKenzie's party and I am just getting the photos up. I don't have nearly the amount of time that I used to!