Thursday, May 19, 2011

Patrick N Nate

Life has been busy. The kids and Val have moved from Guam and are staying with her parents for a few weeks until Dave finishes up next week and joins them. We have had trajedy strike our family and we returned early for Phil's funeral. Here is one of my favorite pictures. Nate was bonding with his cousin Patrick after the graveside. One glimmer of joy in the midst of a very difficult time. We will be visiting more family and then heading on to San Antonio next month.

Friday, May 13, 2011

New family photos to come

We have been through a whirlwind around here....or wherever we are. Dave's family had a trajedy on a Wednesday (our Thursday). Luckily we had already had our pack-out. We left island on Saturday morning to fly to be with his sister. Dave has returned to Guam and the kids and Val are in Oregon until he finishes up his tour in Guam.

Thank you to Amanda Cox for being such a great friend and photographer and squeezing us in the night before we flew out. Val wanted one last photoshoot at the beach. Here is a snippet. There will be more to come.