Thursday, April 23, 2009

Picking up more words!

Last night I took McKenzie to church and needed to go hang out somewhere with Nathan for a little bit, so we headed to Wendy's. I ordered some french fries and a frosty. He wouldn't touch the frosty...he still doesn't like anything cold except for an occasional drink of dad's smoothies or yogurt. He does eat french fries....with a spoon. We did resort to our hands; he's a funny kid. He poured out his french fries on the tray, looked in the box and without any prodding announced "all gone!" That's right...he's picking this English thing up! Miranda taught him "jump" today and I'm sure there are other words...I am just too tired to remember.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bees and Wax

Nathan had an appointment at the audiologist today at the Navy Hospital. The pediatrician wanted him to have his ears, eyes and teeth checked by specialists. I knew that he had ear wax. We had drops to clear it out and even syringed it the bathtub last week. The audiologist took a look and said that he wasn't hearing us, except at a whisper tone because of all of the wax and that she couldn't do the test until he had this cleaned out by the ENT. So the ENT agreed to see us nice! We trekked upstairs and Nathan was not too thrilled with the "straight jacket" sheet. He did allow the doctor to finish the left ear. We have to go back for the right ear next week. Unfortunately, this isn't enough time for Nathan to forget the experience!

So, not that getting ear wax dug out was enough for one day...We took Miranda to her Karate lesson and Dave picked up Nathan for a hug and Nathan began to scream and clutched his arm. I took a look and saw a small red spot. I looked at Dave's back and he had a bee on his shirt. He was stung by a bee! Luckily, it was a honey bee and not a boonie bee...they're B A D. So in a week's time he has had 5 viles of blood drawn, strapped down for ear wax removal a bee sting and will start immunizations when the blood work returns. It's pretty traumatic for these little guys coming home. He is such a trooper. The great news about all of this is that we can tell his hearing is better (we didn't know that it was bad) and he has repeated 5 new words today! Randa, Kenzie, yogurt, cracker and be nice!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nathan's First Trip to the Beach!

Shouting out to his peeps!

Dave had his CTO today, so we took Nathan to Gab Gab Beach. He didn't understand that he had water shoes that were supposed to go in the water :)

Don't let the goggles fool you. He let us put them on, but don't get them wet!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nathan shouting out to his peeps!
Miranda showing Nathan that the swing really is fun
He's not convinced.
I don't have photos yet, but he did have a smile on his face when he was on the horse swing yesterday!

Nathan's first haircut with us

Bumping before the haircuts begin!
I knew that Nathan had experience clippers before. His hair is always short. Dave was excited to get his first haircut with Nathan. I pulled out the clippers and we tried to contain the giggles. He is especially ticklish on the back of his neck. Dave was getting impatient with me, so he grabbed the clippers and made a run for the top of his head....not knowing that I still had the back and side edge on. He got quite the short cut for his first cut with us!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The girls go back to school

Nathan LOVES his sisters and they love him just as much! He is a perfect fit for our family. Because of his love for his sisters and and wanting to do everything that they do, he is now loving his singing stick horse...and his horse swing too! Monday morning before school the girls played with him and his annoying horse, then they had to go. He knew what was up. He saw that they went for their backpacks and so he did too. He put his shoes on (nevermind the PJ's). This was his immediate reaction when the door shut and he was left behind. He loves his sisters! Poor little guy!

McKenzie won FIRST PLACE in the 7th grade Science Fair!!!!!

Way to go McKenzie! Your hard work has paid off. We are so very proud of you!

Finishing up the photos from Vietnam

This is the beggar that was just outside our hotel. He would yell at us every time we walked by.
Wallet or lighter?
Notice the lady driving the motorbike holding the baby.
Bikes are also recliners in Vietnam.
Snake, scorpion, spider wine anybody?

Yep, that's a whole chicken. Dave has the head in the chopsticks. Needless to say, he didn't eat much!

Lots of snails!

Our three Holt families right before we left for the airport.

Our very last moments in Vietnam!

Halong Bay II

Notice the goose egg. Nathan took a nose dive on the deck of the boat.
Me...trying to get fresh air on the top deck after getting sick from the diesel fumes.

The three new Holt babies together!
Sneak peak of the four Holt kiddos together
Nathan giggling from catching bubbles

Buying Oreos with Daddy