Monday, August 28, 2006

Cheetah Girls 2

The girls have been waiting for weeks for the Cheetah Girls 2 premier. I didn't realize that it was the same night that they were invited by a friend to go to a Dr. Seuss play. They went to the play and missed their neighbor's Cheetah Girls party. They quickly realized that the play was worth missing a party. But, being the overachiever mom that I am trying to be we tried to replicate the missed party the next night. The girls decorated their own cake....those are cheetah spots :) We went to Goodwill and picked up a few "Cheetahlicious" shirts and we had a good time watching the movie.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"We're" having a girl!

OK, so I can't actually call her "mine." My brother e-mailed and said that the baby's ultrasound looks like a girl!

Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm 32

I turned 32 today and my neighbors took good care of me! All the ladies from my Bible Study got together on Friday for a surprise party for me. It was really nice and thoughtful. Dave called and wished me a happy birthday this morning and sent a really nice e-mail. He'll make it up to me later....that's OK. His is around the corner too and I am going to make it up to him later too.

After church the girls and I went to lunch. After lunch I met up with Dallas & KC (they were Paula and Simon for McKenzie's party) at Starbucks and they threw yet another little party for me. It was really nice. They took the girls back home and I went out for a little me time. It was good....but I have trouble finding stuff to do by myself sometimes. I went back to their house and they made a really nice dinner for me and the girls. I got Dallas' chicken two times this week. I have probably eaten 10 chicken wings....not good for the hips, but let me tell you they are the best tasting around! I am working on him now for the recipe. I am expecting that it is going to be a fight to get it before we each move!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mickey's missing Dave

We recieved a box from Dave today. It contained some fun things for the girls and I and it had a few things that he wasn't going to need. He isn't going to have as much room coming home as he did getting there, so he mailed his gortex home. I guess Mickey is missing Dave too. I threw the gortex on the floor and went to pick it up a little while later and Mickey was snuggling with it. Hopefully Mickey is this nice to Dave when he comes home. He is known to not be so nice :)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

First Day of School!

Neighborhood breakfast! We all combined forces and we had breakfast at our house this morning to celebrate our return to school.

I was delighted to have the first day of school arrive. I love the girls, but I am getting worn out. One more hug before they go. Miranda was off and ready. She didn't even want me to walk her inside. She said that I could go around the front and meet her in the class if I wanted. McKenzie surprised me and wanted to walk in with me. They are all growing up too fast!

Chaplain Leonard made a visit to Miranda's First grade class. She is now a Turtle!

Mrs. Rogers and Miranda

McKenzie, Dad and Mr. Scott (5th grade)

Huge steps for Kenzie!!! A LOCKER!!!! She has talked about this all summer. She has even mastered opening it herself.

I think they will have a great year!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Braids! 108 Braids!

KC braided Kenzie's hair. Miranda gave out after just a few. It took 3-4 hours with both of us working on it and it is only going to last a couple of days. We will have to take it out on Thursday night so she can be ready for school on Friday morning. A little fact that I happened to surprise KC with....I can cornrow. I think I even surprised myself!

Chew-Chew Train

I have found a dentist!!! Now that there is only 10 more months for us to be in Montgomery. The girls LOVE it! Well, they did before all of the work.

We went to the dentist today and Miranda had a root canal and crown...poor kid. I have already released the guilt of being a bad mom, but I didn't have great teeth as a child either...still don't. I LOVE to brush and love teeth :) My Miranda couldn't wait to get in to get her teeth fixed (she is my child.) She did great and still has a couple more visits. The silly strawberry gas is a good thing for little kids!

Kenzie did well too. She had a couple of fillings and some sealants put on. She, like me has very little tongue control and somehow got it caught in the drill. She did fine until she shut the door of the car as we left and broke down. We went immediately to Target for advil and a reward. Luckily she doesn't have any more work to be done :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Big Steps

Good thing for Kenzie her mom has good friends who stick up for her. I wasn't ready for Kenzie to be shaving, but it was necessary. My friends made it clear that it was time for me to give in. I still can't allow a razor, but did buy some cream. I wanted it to be in time for school....only 2 more days!

More Cheerleading

I wasn't able to get Miranda's dance to be on video. The video below you have to click on twice while it still says loading for it to work, but it will!

Miranda is a great cheerleader too! The girls have decided to participate in cheerleading this year, rather than dance. It will save me a few dollars and I don't have to drive as far!