Friday, November 17, 2006


Mickey is sick. He has been vomiting continually for the last two days and not eating. I took him into the vet and had some tests run. He was so mean that they couldn't open the cage and decided that if we ran more tests that they would have to sedate him. Dave and I decided that we had done enough and that we would watch him to see if he ate and drank and if he didn't, we would have him put to sleep. You can't not eat and drink for over 48 hrs. I brought him home to say good bye to the girls. He hid out all night, like he was trying to be alone....not a good sign.

We had a good cry session and took lots of pictures of the cat. This morning I woke up at 4, worried about the cat and knowing that I had an extra busy schedule with having to run to the vet too. Well, he has eaten some of his food and water and not thrown it up! It is an answer to prayer!

We have concluded that it was the tornadoes that upset him so much. When hurricane Ivan came through he got sick, but not this much.

Who would have know that a cat can be so anxious? My cat was misbehaving so badly at the vet that I was the talk of the vets. I had one who wasn't tending to Mickey come in and ask me if he was mine. I told him that I feel like a mom with a child that is misbehaving and I can't control him. I felt bad. He offered me kitty prozac!....again. This isn't the first time. We'll see if Mickey continues to eat and drink normally and not get sick. Then we'll worry about his anxiety! Please pray for Mickey that he will continue to keep his food and water down.