Saturday, May 12, 2007

Annie the Musical

McKenzie's end of the year 5th and 6th grade musical was last night. She was cast as Duffy, the oldest orphan. She did an excellent job. She sang loud and very well! She had a lot of fun. They caked themselves in cocoa powder and messed up their hair. I was kind of "disappointed" when I saw her on stage because when she left the house for the performance, her hair was almost standing on end. It was REALLY messy. It was one of the times that I let her go out that way! I guess it didn't last long.
They danced and sang, all the students did well. I love to see their progress. McKenzie had a little bump along the way today. Thursday night she didn't want to put any weight on her foot. Come to find out, playing outside without shoes isn't such a good idea (maybe that's why mom is always on her about putting on shoes :) Anyway, last week she stepped on something outside and it poked her. She ran inside and put her shoes on. I didn't think much about it. Well, she now has a full blown infection on her foot and it was working up to the top side of her foot. Luckily I have Friday afternoons off and I was able to get an afternoon appointment for her. She is now on antibiotics. I'm not so sure that she is up to running for her baseball game today. I'll have her dressed and ready to go....she may be sitting on the bench today.
You know that Duffy's performance stole my heart, but the close second was "Sandy" the dog! Boy did he do a great job....he even sang a little in howls. It was hilarious!


Craig, Lindsay, Will, Wyatt & Anna said...

How Fun! I love the musical, Annie!