Monday, October 08, 2007

Scooter Crash!

McKenzie was riding her scooter on the porch waiting for me to get ready for church. Dave normally walks to church, so he headed out the front door and told her to put her helmet on. I was walking by the front door and thought I would peek my head out and check on her. Just as I was looking.....she hit the crack in the porch and fell over the front of her scooter and landed straight on her wrist. I held myself together and asked how she was. I was sure she broke her wrist. I called Dave and he didn't answer. I got ready quickly and decided to head to church early. We immediately put her wrist on ice. She never cried through the whole process. Dave has a friend who is a Dr. here and he gave a little triage and stated that we needed to take her in for x-rays today. So, Dave and Randa stayed for church while Kenzie and I headed for Pri-Med. We were seen quickly, considering the other waits that I have had to endure there :) The Dr. looked at the x-rays and didn't see any breaks. She went home with a splint. We took her back to the on-base Dr. on Wed (the Pri Med Dr's suggestion if it didn't feel significantly better) and had more x-rays. The radiologist confirmed that it was not broken. There for a few hours she was hoping for a a few days with a splint, she is happy there isn't a cast involved. She should be out of the splint in another week or so :)