Sunday, February 10, 2008

Moving on....

When I was deciding whether to stay home or try to continue my job, I wrote some goals for staying home. I'll share:

Written Goals for Val Staying Home
Give myself one day a week off
Bible Study daily
Exercise daily
Run a 5k before we move
Stick to Weight Watchers daily and lose to before kids weight again
Check bank account balance daily
Stick to FlyLady and organize/purge each room before we move
Cook dinner every night
Make lunches for the girls daily
Dishes always done
Laundry always done
House always picked up
Scrapbook a minimum of 3 hrs a week

The first week I will be playing catch up :) I finished my last day of work. It is a big change for me mentally. I feel a little lost. I figure I will have a lot of sleep to catch up on as well. I fell asleep around 6 last night! I'll get back into the routine of being a stay at home mom in no time. I already have doctor appointments for each of us girls next week, a school board meeting, a reinlistment ceremony, school conference, talent show rehersals for the girls and a spiritual retreat for me planned for next week.

The first thing I did after I had lunch with my coworkers is go get a deep chemical peel. I need to get some of the stress off of my face. I am hoping this will help my skin a lot. I've always had problems, but I needed to make this a priority for myself. I put it off because it involves a few days of peeling and I didn't want to look crazy at work. So, I'll look crazy for all of these other appointments :) Right now I look just wind burnt.

We have more great news! Now that our fingerprints are in, we are moving on to our Dossier. It consists of our certified paperwork being sent to Vietnam. I'm not sure how each of the agencies do this, or what is normal. What I do know is that our agency told us to start. I just follow what they say and so now that I am home, I will be compiling more loads of paperwork. I haven't really even looked at the packet yet. I didn't want to overwhelm myself too early! I figured making my doctor's appointment was a good start.


Lindsay said...

I'm excited for you, Val! I know you made the right decision. Enjoy being home!!