Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Smellin' Good

As a family, we have made some good strides at growing closer to God this week. One of our recent additions to prayers and conversation is to smell good to God and others around us. We don't mean smell literally, we mean attitude. We sometimes struggle with this. Anyway, we were having a family moment when one of us was not smelling so lovely. There was a family discussion (sometimes called a lecture.) After our discussion, Dave and I took a few moments of quiet time and discussed how we didn't get "through" and that we weren't seeing the growth that we were hoping to see in this area. When we came out, McKenzie was working diligently on a project. She was being very secretive. She unveiled this perfume bottle to Dave. We are very proud of her. She really is growing in this area. I know that it is a difficult time of life for her to navigate. I am so proud of her that I wanted you to see the perfume bottle too. Sometimes when we are talking.....we aren't talking to the wall!!! :)

P.S. Some of what we picked up is from "Facing the Giants." If you haven't seen it, rent it today! It really is worth the time to watch.


Lindsay said...

I just got all updated on your lives via your blog. Sounds like you are doing well....and you will be in our prayers for the next big chapter in your lives, wherever that might be! By the way... we also loved Facing the Giants!