Saturday, March 24, 2007

True Love

Dave knows that my love language is gifts. I thought I would show you. When he was in Iraq he brought home a puzzle ring from Turkey. It is a difficult puzzle to put together. Dave has been the only successful one to do it. I told myself that I wouldn't take it off again so that I wouldn't have to have him put it together....Well I took it off to put lotion on and didn't put it back on before Dave and I went out last night. Miranda couldn't resist touching it. I came home to a disassemble ring! I think after spending all morning putting it back together, I may be able to do it again. Thanks to the power of Google....I can do it. Just ask me, I can do ANYTHING with Google!!!

Dave is also into country music. One of his favorite songs includes a wife with a yellow pair of running shoes. He has looked and looked and finally found some for me with a little yellow. He couldn't resist. The song also includes a holy pair of jeans....I told him not to touch mine!!!