Sunday, March 23, 2008

Baby Bedding!

I purchased the baby's bedding today. It wasn't great timing for the budget, but it was on clearance and the last one (so I thought.) I stopped in at Baby Depot to see if it was on sale. I noticed it was online. When I arrived, I couldn't find it in the usual spot. I almost began to panic and reminded myself that I could purchase it online.....and pay shipping. I looked a little further and found the display set in a bag and marked down. I quickly grabbed it. I then asked the sales lady if there was more to the set available. She pointed me to a basket of clearance. I picked up the valances, wall hangings, blanket and diaper stacker. Dave pointed out how much the baby really cared about wall hangings and valances, but it isn't really about the baby is it? :) As I went up to the register there was one more set not opened. I quickly traded for the unopened set. Turns out it was marked down an additional $25 than I thought! Yeah! I got it just in time...whew!