Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dossier Finished!

Our dossier is finished. Dave had his dr. appt on Friday and was able to get the letter by the afternoon and I raced down to get it certified and made it just in time. Today I will be copying all of the last documents and then Fed Ex'ing them to our agency for review. Hopefully we will receive our pre-approval from Dept of Homeland Security this week as well. This will be our very last doc for the dossier. Luckily I don't have to have it certified. I can simply scan and e-mail it! Wouldn't it be such a blessing if it arrived today? After we get that, our agency will send it to the Vietnamese Consolate office in San Francisco for approval and then off to Vietnam for translation and more approval. We are getting closer.

Now that our part is completely finished with the dossier, it is on to moving documents. We all have to have physicals and signed letters for the Dr to receive Dave's official orders. Can you believe it? Have I not been to the Dr enough and had enough signatures that my health is fine? Luckily for Dave because he couldn't get in any sooner than yesterday he was able to knock out both forms in one visit. I however will be taking the kids in to the Dr. on spring break for signatures. Hopefully not more immunizations. We also have to make appointments with the mental health office to make sure that we are stable enough to move overseas. I don't mind, but man are there a lot of hoops to continue to jump!