Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Could this week get any crazier?

My SIL's sister called me tonight and asked if my parents had called me yet. I immediately knew that something had happened with my brother. I first thought a car accident, but she quickly told me that their shop had burned and my brother's 57 Chev truck was inside and not salvageable. Later my mom called me and gave me more details. Not only was his 57 truck (sentimental...he put so much work into it and drove it all through HS) but his new Ford crew cab was melted into the pavement too. He has lost tons of tools and everything in the shop. Thankfully, the family and the house is OK. They are out of power and still have the FD there checking everything. There is no word of how the fire started.
***Updated*** This was in the local paper
Garage Goes Up In Flames

Photo By Holly M. Gill
An unattached garage and two vehicles were a total loss on Monday, on Avalon Drive, north of Madras. Sparks from welding ignited the fire in the garage, owned by Brian and Crystal Morisette, of Madras. The garage was valued at $40,000, while the contents, including a 1957 restored Chevy pickup, a 2000 Ford pickup, two motorcycles and shop tools, were valued at $100,000, according to fire marshal Mark Carman.

They were holding out on everybody, but with all of the family around because of this happening they decided to release the news that they are expecting again! Krystal is due right around Kyndall's second birthday! I immediately told her that I would try to come and visit, but then I remembered that I very well may be preparing for travel for my own new addition.

Please continue to pray for God's guidance in the process of our agency referring our little boy. Only God can orchestrate what needs to happen. I need to step out of the way and allow it to happen, even if it may play out differently than I have planned.


Jess and Joe said...

What a terrible thing to happen! But at least, thankfully, everyone is okay. I hope your family bounces back from this soon.