Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ringling Brothers.....a great diversion

We had to create a diversion last night because Grandma and Grandpa Leonard were supposed to fly in for a visit. The girls have been looking forward to this for months. Dave's dad has had some health issues come up and will not be able to make it. The girls were understandably upset. Luckily the circus was in town! Dave will be flying out to be with his dad prior to surgery. This will probably be the middle of the week. After the circus we went to Starbucks and Dave's friend who is a doctor came in too. Dave was relieved to get a professional opinion and have reassurance that Dave's dad's prognosis is very good.

This was one of our favorites. As Miranda described it to Grandma on the phone: "It is a hampster ball for two people." It was absolutely incredible to watch. The guys would move very fast and jumped on the outside while the balls were moving....Hard to explain, but impressive!

This is hard to see too, but it was our favorite French Clown who rode this tiny bike through the ring of fire.

There were also TIGERS! I would NEVER get in a cage with a tiger, no matter how trained, let alone 6 of them!

Miranda was enjoying the before show entertainment.