Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

I woke up early because it was the girls' first day of school! When I woke up, this is what I saw out my window. What a gorgeous view. This is a true treat to waking up early. The girls were giddy with anticipation for school and very funny this morning.

Dave had the day off today and we walked the girls to school, just down the street.
Miranda is in third grade and McKenzie is now in Junior High! The individual picture of McKenzie is on her camera and I couldn't find the cord. I was pleasantly surprised that she wanted mom to drop her off and not dad. It lasted for a short moment. We went inside and I was helping her find the sign in table to pick up her schedule (she was strung a little tight because of the newness). Luckily she met up with another girl she knew from Maxwell a few years ago and she helped her out. That's when mom got the boot...quickly I might add. McKenzie's need for me lasted for a moment. She had a great first day. The highlight for her was Drama class.

Miranda made friends too. Dad was there to drop her off and help introduce her. He did a fantastic job of helping her come out of her shell and she has a new friend too! She mentioned that she found a new (name of really good friend here) for Andersen.

The girls have uniforms for the first time this year. I am relieved to not have fights over clothes for school. This is helpful if you don't have a Miranda. She refuses to wear anything "itchy" and this is a broad spectrum. If you know her at all, you know how she feels about jeans, socks and anything "itchy" Well, she has one skort that will work for the uniform and refuses to try the pants and handed me the shorts to return. I will be trying to order more of the skorts, of course there was only one in the store here on island. It will prove to be interesting.

Dave and I got a few jobs done around the house. I prepared and froze some meals and Dave worked on the yard and went out with our neighbor. Here he is using his new machete on the banana tree. Look how fast the shoots are growing back!