Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Talofofo Falls

There was a torrential downpour on our drive out to the falls. You can't even see through our windshield. This was in between the swipes of the windshield wipers on high. It subsided prior to our arrival :)
There are dogs everywhere on island. The strays are called boonie dogs. This little guy followed us. Miranda and McKenzie are wanting a puppy. I am not convinced that we need one. Miranda has gone as far as writing dad a note to stop being a puppy hater! (It is actually me that is the puppy "stopper." We aren't really puppy haters.)
The animals just wander around.

The falls were extra muddy because of the previous storm.
Hiking to the cave.
This is a picture of what the cave was.
The opening to the cave.

One of the first "Must See" for us in Guam is Talofofo Falls. The falls are nice, but Yokoi's Cave is what we all wanted to see. Sergeant Yokoi was a Japanese soldier that hid in the Talofofo jungles for 28 years. His two fellow soldiers died from food poisoning. He didn't know World War II had ended. He was finally captured in 1972 by local hunters and returned to Japan where he was given his back-pay and he eventually found a wife.