Thursday, April 02, 2009

Nathan has a passport!

Nathan's passport is in hand and we are heading to have his visa interview tomorrow morning. Even if he gets his visa tomorrow, we won't be leaving until our planned date of April 7. We have our Halong Bay trip planned and there won't be an earlier flight available.

Nathan had his physical today. He was very cooperative until the doctor wanted to count his teeth. He had them clinched tight! We laid him down and be cried and we were able to count. He is a funny guy and did quite well considering.

After his nap, we ventured out to the Hanoi Zoo. It is quite rustic and was quite interesting. Not often do you see the zoo keepers poking a monkey with bamboo to try to get him to move to his cage to clean it. It was quite fun. I have more photos on Facebook of our little get away.


Jess and Joe said...

Congratulations on the passport and getting through the medical exam!

Hank said...

Same doc that Sophie had!!! Miss that zoo...LOL!!! Looks like a fun time in Ha Noi!!! Glad to see that VN passport...Next step, Visa and you all are good to go!!! CHEERS!