Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hanoi Taxis

I'm holding my breath, but currently I have internet in my room!!!! This makes the whole family happy and we work so much better. I can hop away from the computer when a little mischief is happening and not miss out! I'm also having a better hair day. I got my hairdryer to work!

Taxis in Hanoi....well, driving is crazy no matter what. Another family and ours went to Big C (like Walmart) and our great hotel staff called for a reputable taxi to pick us up. It was 70,000 Dong and we went about our business shopping and eating. When we were finished, we hailed a taxi to return and the charge was 300,000 Dong. Something's not right with that! We called the hotel staff out to help interpret and they told us to only pay the 70,000 that we had found a bad taxi company (I think there are a lot around here) The taxi driver refused the 70,000 and then the hotel staff called the police. The driver left before the police arrived. The police laughed at the driver and knew that our money was left at the front desk and to not worry about it. The taxi driver did show up a few hours later to pick up his 70,000 Dong. So, if you are coming to Hanoi, know that there are reputable taxis and others that are not. Your hotel will get the good ones for you. The "Hanoi Taxi" is a good company and will charge you a fair price.


Hank said...

Yeah ran into that too. It was the same night as our dinning nightmare at Pho 24 in Ha Noi. The Boceks had a 35,000 fare the Duckers and us ended up at 310,00 from Hoam Kim lake to Westlake.... We told the guy, who had no clue, then the bell man helped out, we handed him 35k and got out. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THERE IS A FARE STICKER ON THE DASHBOARD!! <---our learning #410 while in Viet Nam.

Jackie, Rich, and Mya Grace said...

I remember that all too well! Our favorite quote to the drivers was, "Hey your taken us for a ride!!!!" We were experts by the end of the trip and knew exactly how much dong it took to get anywhere!!!