Friday, May 01, 2009

Has it already been a week?

I was hoping to stay more caught up on posting to the blog, but it looks like a week has slipped by and I didn't post! Nathan has been home three weeks and he is doing great! I took him out to Navy on Tuesday to have his other impacted ear dug out and my fancy work (along with the ear drops) has cleared up his ear and he didn't have to go through the cleaning out process! Yeah!!!! We are scheduled on Monday to get his eyes and hearing tested at Navy. Thursday we went in to get his first round of immunizations. The Dr gave us the go ahead when I took McKenzie in. She has had the flu the last couple of days. She is feeling better and back to school today.

Nathan is a brave little cookie! He was stuck 5 times! I was almost in tears. He did cry, and was grouchy the rest of the day, but I would have been too! We don't have to go back for more until the end of June.

McKenzie is entering her science project in the all island fair next weekend. The grand prize is a fully paid trip to the NASA space camp! She would LOVE to go! That means that I better get in gear and get her passport! I need to have the girls get theirs before this summer, just in case we do try to come home. If I do, we are going to take the "less traveled road" through Japan. There is a flight every Thursday from Japan to Seattle. It would make scheduling our trip a little easier. The details are only in my head. Dave needs more leave, is crazy busy with work and I don't want to bring Nathan home without it's just a wait and see kind of thing.

Nathan is doing a little better with eating, but YO-Gurt is still his favorite. He is starting to branch out a little and try new things. He has to be in a good mood to do it though. Dave and I took him to Vietnamese food after his appointment on Tuesday. He LOVED it! It was really funny to watch him. He didn't over eat, but you could tell that he was delighted with the familiar tastes and smells of his younger years :) I try...I just don't seem to get it right!

Nathan and I are settling into a good routine at home. I am finally getting showered and out the door before noon. It is so much like having a newborn home. It really surprised me that adoption and birth were so similar. He is getting more used to us and understanding a LOT of what we say. He isn't picking up too many more words, but we are getting along pretty good with the communication. We get frustrated with each other at times when we don't understand. If we don't understand he just whines....that makes it difficult. We'll get through this phase soon.

We had our friends over for dessert on Monday. They have an adopted daughter from China and have been home for 9 months. I see how well she is doing and how much she says and know that Nathan will be well on his way to 2 year old communication very soon!!!!

I'll try to get photos up here soon, but they are still in the camera and he is sleeping....that means I need to be sleeping!


Stevens Family said...

Glad to hear everything is going well at home. It certainly takes a few weeks to really get in your new routine that's for sure.

Hope your daughter wins the big trip to NASA. That would be great! Best of luck!!