Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Village Outreach

This is a short video I put together for church on Sunday. This is a glimpse of our village outreach just outside of the AF base gates. Some of the homes do not have electricity or running water. The community got together by word of mouth and donated LOTS of food and TONS of clothing. Oh, how we are blessed and what an honor to be a blessing to others. At the end, you can see Dave's 40th birthday present. This is what he asked for....a new basketball hoop for the village. He is not going to be here. He will be in Kuwait for his 40th birthday :( God is working on me right now. If you have leftover PowerLab supplies from last year's VBS, please let me know ASAP....I think He's calling me to use it with this village.


KK said...

Sitting here in Oregon with tears running down my face. Amazing video, Val. Awesome song!! Some of the most powerful blessings we are given is when we give back. Continue doing what you're doing. You are making a difference!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis Val,
glory to God always! Thanks for sharing this blog and posting some awesome pics of the Andersen church family. I like the family pics from Nathan's dedication.

Be encouraged in all you do. When no one is watching, God is. Love you lots.
sis C