Friday, March 14, 2008

Mystery Trip

We woke the girls up early this morning for a "Mystery Trip" (Thanks to the girls' principal for coining the phrase) They didn't have any idea that Dad had the day off, or that we were going anywhere. We hopped in the car and headed for destination unknown. On the way we saw some interesting things. This is a must have photo. Just a little taste of the south.

Look where we ended up at!

This was one of the items on our "must see" list before we moved.....I think we have checked everything else off except Cape Canaveral in Florida and we are going to have to pass on that trip. We should have stopped in to see it before Dave left for Iraq. Maybe another time. By the way, for all of my active duty military friends, this little trip is no admission for you!!!! What a delight of a surprise. We had to ask twice. The only charge was for the I-Max.

Here is a shout out to our little friend Able. I don't know why the monkeys intrigue me so much. At the Smithsonian, you can see the real deal stuffed (what? I couldn't believe it when I saw it!). This is just a resin replica.

The girls enjoyed the climbing wall. They figured out it is a little harder than it looks. McKenzie got up pretty good right off and then fell off. Miranda did well too. We had to miss the gravitron (can't remember the name) a child right before our group soiled the machine....we had to pass! We also passed on the rocket launcher. It is similar to the Supreme Scream at Knott's Berry Farm. Once is quite enough for mom and dad. (The girls didn't want to anyway) The I-max and simulators were good though.

McKenzie's new hat. It is a milk carton. It is quite comical. She is the missing child photo.

We stopped for Vietnamese Food on the way home in Birmingham. We enjoyed talking to the young waiters. We asked for some tips while traveling and eating (so we don't accidentally end up with a chicken head in our soup) They suggested that we take their menu and use it to order. What an excellent idea. It is in both Vietnamese and English. This should help considerably! Notice Miranda's hold on the chopsticks. By Vietnamese superstition she is very close to her family. The farther back you hold the chopsticks the more distant you are. Not that I believe this, but it was fun to watch her.

Also-----Guess what was in my mailbox when I arrived home? Our Dept of Homeland Security approval!!!!!! Yeah! I'll be certifying yet another document tomorrow.