Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Harvest!

Miranda was enjoying being an angel. McKenzie was a very pretty pirate, however I missed getting pictures! She was out with her friends. I may have to remake the evening another day!
Miranda enjoyed walking with our neighbor L.

We went to the chapel for the Havest Festival....lots of fun.

Carving pumpkins last minute....I was sure they would mold. I had to replace one before we even got to Halloween!
Miranda's Panda and McKenzie's Jonas Brothers logo!
McKenzie's newest cake creation. She donated it to the cake walk at the chapel. Everyone wanted her cake. They made it the last "grand prize" cake of the night.
Mom's contribution to the cake walk....I am sick of making cupcakes. I did the same amout for Miranda's school just last week. I was so exhausted from, pumpkins, cupcakes, costumes, candy.....don't forget dinner and running errands for Dave. The kitchen still hasn't recovered :)
This week was red ribbon week at the school and McKenzie participated in the Crazy Hair day!


Stevens Family said...

Such fun! Love the angel costume; perfect for the chaplain's daughter :)

Is it strange to have a harvest festival in the tropics? It sure looks beautiful from your pics. Can't wait to see a pic of a wild boar! Very cool.