Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have arrived in Oregon after 52 hours of travelling. I was exhausted and needed a shower desperately. I was able to get one shower in the midst of the travel, but that sure isn't enough!

My parents had no idea that I was still coming. I made arrangements for my brother to come pick me up at the airport and on the way to Mom and Dad's house we decided to stop at the country store for a corn dog. Krystal told me that I better hop out because Mom was standing right there. Sure enough. Mom was there. I hopped out and went up to her and said Hi and hugged her. It took her a few seconds to really figure out what was going on. She started to cry. I was so happy to be there. We went back to her office so she could tie up a few loose ends and let them know she was taking the rest of the week off. We went back to the house to wait for Dad to come home for lunch. I was holding Kyndall (She likes Auntie Val now and isn't scared of me :) and we hid behind the front door. When dad looked around to see who was holding Kyndall he was shocked as well. What a fun surprise.

Today consisted of.....cutting wood. Can you believe that I was suckered into this? I need to learn to say no better. Actually, it was a really good time with Brian and Mom. Much better than I anticipated. I am running a little low on sleep, so I wasn't as much help as I could have been. I donned several jackets and was given a pair of leather gloves. Brian and I pulled fallen trees out of the woods with the winch. It was kind of fun. I also helped load huge logs. I'm a little stronger than I remembered :) It was SO good to be out in the fresh mountain air. It smelled like Christmas trees. I haven't downloaded photos yet, but trust me, the logs were BIG!

After the woodcutting adventure, I insisted on a trip to WalMart. I spent way more time than my parents anticipated, I'm sure, but boy did I find some GREAT summer deals! I am so excited. I am going to go check the clearance racks at the other Walmart in the morning and Target too! I am now sitting at the only 24 hr restaurant trying to get myself sleepy. My body doesn't want to submit to the whole time change thing. I decided instead of keeping my parents awake at 1 a.m. I would leave. I think I need to find some Tylenol PM.

This will be a short trip. I will be headed back on Friday. I need to give myself some bumper time so that I can make it back before Thanksgiving. I have learned a lot about hopping space a and think that I am almost ready for the kiddos to join me for my next adventure. I may have 3 kids in tow next time!


Aim said...

I have been checking constantly to see how things turned out. Yea!! What an exciting week for you. We're taking the girls to the Revolve Tour friday and saturday so I'm trying to get the day off. Let me know when you'll be at the airport--I may run up just to give you a big hug!! :)

Dave said...

HELP! Where is Benadryl? And How many boxes of soap do I put in the washing machine? I lost Miranda for about a half an hour and somehow we now have dog. Were you attached to that vase your grandma gave us when we got married? Oh...I smell something burning, got to go..Come home soon.

Love your family.

Amy said...

That's good, Dave!!! LOL