Monday, November 17, 2008

Spilling the Beans.....a little early

I'm in Hawaii! No, it isn't a glorious vacation on Wakiki...although I have considered it, but don't even have my swimsuit with me. What was I thinking? I am in the Hickam terminal and have been for almost 24 hours. I made it out of Guam. Now I'm waiting to make it back to the states. I missed my SIL's shower. The other reason for my trip.....My parent's surprise 40th anniversary party! I missed that too. I called and got an update from my parents and found out that they were very surprised. My mom said that I sounded a little tired....I lied...I am! I didn't tell her that I was stuck in Hawaii and wasn't able to make it. She doesn't know I am still trying to come. I am hoping that I'll make it today before she gets to work on Monday to check the blog. More surprises to come Mom & Dad! I have considered just turning around, but then where is the adventure in that? I should be on a flight in just a couple of hours, but I heard that yesterday too. The flights keep changing :) When I start to get frustrated, I keep reminding myself that this is FREE!


Stevens Family said...

LOL, sneaky, sneaky. Very cool! Hope you're on a plane to your parents house now. Have a great time visiting your fam on the mainland.