Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm the Optomitrist's nightmare!

I am almost out of my left contacts and need a prescription to order more, so I finally got in with the optometrist. I had to take Miranda to karate as soon as I was finished there and refused dilation. I had it done last year. I figured I was fine without it. I then told him that I would like to try another brand of contacts because I keep going through my left ones really fast and they rip easily...I'm cheap. He suggested that he watch me take them out. So, I did. I looked over at him without my contacts and I think he was about to pass out. He couldn't believe how I did it. I don't really think about it. I use my fingernails...this would cause frequent tearing :) I'm not sure how I would do it without my finger nails. He suggested that I cut the nails and come back in two weeks for the pairs that he has ordered and my dilation. I'm a BAD optometry patient. I feel like kind of a dork to have not known that I was ripping them with my nails, I'm still not sure how to get them out without it and I'm not quite ready to cut them. I just got them done, thanks to santa!


Stevens Family said...

I have nails and wear contacts. You just need to practice using the tip of your finger without touching your nail to your eye.

I actuall took a pottery class and quit after about 6 weeks because I couldn't stand cutting my nails that short, LOL!!

Jean said...

Oh you are bad! Just kidding!! I have only worn contacts about 3 days in my life so I'm no help with technique.

Good luck practicing. :-)

Amy said...

I stick my fingerprint part of my finger right on the bottom of the contact and roll down and out. I usually have to turn them right side out when I get it out though, cuz it flips them. It usually stays stuck on my finger till I take it off carefully.