Friday, January 02, 2009

This is what memories are made of!

How I spent most of the day...watching Dave snorkel.

We had a successful day at the beach. Since we have arrived in Guam, the girls do not like going to the beach. Today was the exception. There was a little complaining, but I have instituted a new law in the Leonard household that if you complain, you have to tell me 5 things you are thankful for and nobody can repeat these throughout the day...this has curbed the complaining. I knew that when we started the descent down to the beach that we were in for it on the way back up, but to get a nice private beach, you have to hike. It is worth it.

Dave and I brought our snorkeling gear. We didn't see the need to lug the girls' gear too. Miranda was not amused by the ants at the picnic and the sand that covers everything. After our quick lunch Dave and I went for the water. We got a little snorkeling in and Miranda joined us in the water to cool down. After not long she mentioned that she wished she had her snorkeling gear. I didn't make a big scene with it, but I was quite impressed. They are starting to like the beach!

Dave has been preparing for his diving lessons and wanted to see how difficult it would be to swim a long distance with the snorkel gear (one of the requirements for diving). I was keeping an eye on him, while keeping the other eye on Miranda when I saw a dog going near McKenzie. The dogs had come by a few minutes earlier and didn't bother Miranda, but I didn't want McKenzie to get scared and run and the dogs chase her, so I told her not to move. Well, I should have kept my mouth shut!

McKenzie's instructions were to not get Dad's bag wet because his cell phone was in there. The dog went for Kenzie and then turned and stopped at Dave's bag and lifted his leg on it. There was no time for any of us to respond. I was on water duty and McKenzie was instructed to not move. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. The poor guy who owned the dog appreciated my laughing, I'm sure....better than getting mad at him. He went over to get his dog and check out the bag. Dave's "Chaplain" tag was pasted right on the top. The poor guy....his dog pee'd on the chaplain's bag, hehe.

Dave came back from his long swim and I couldn't wait to tell him "the news." The owner was so apologetic. Dave ribbed him and asked if his dog had something against chaplains...this is what memories are made of. The girls left happy and ready to return again soon!

Starting the climb back up to the car.

The bag has since been washed, and everything is fine. The next time that Dave pulls out his backpack, I'm sure I will smile. I may not be storing my personal items in it, but I will get a good giggle :)


Mark said...

So, since I have known Dave, 1 dog has puked in his(your) truck and another dog has peed on his bag!
He has the worst luck with dogs....