Friday, January 09, 2009

We are in Saipan!

Dave bought me an airline ticket to go with him to Saipan while he is TDY. We arrived this morning. Dave didn't have to work until tonight, so I spent the day touring the island with Dave as my guide. He was going to guide me to snorkel in The Grotto, but I know my limits. The Grotto is a huge cave that you walk down about 5 flights of steep steps to. The water comes in through a cave. You can see the sunlight peeking through the water. I didn't get photos in the cave, but believe me it was gorgeous. Dave asked the security guard at the parking lot if it was safe to snorkel. He told us the no swimming sign could be ignored. Dave timed the tide and hopped across the rocks. He jumped over the other side and began to put on his snorkeling gear. He then went out of my sight. I didn't get too worried because there were divers still on the rock. I then saw Dave appear and he was holding onto the buoy rope. I was afraid it was too rough and he was going to be swept up onto the coral. Luckily he climbed back up on the rocks and timed his way back to safety. What a worried wife I was. His snorkeling gear malfunctioned and his mask was not working, he had to cut the trip short. At least he tried :)

*uploading photos will not work here. I'll try tomorrow