Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Baby Steps

I am delighted that we received a call from our agency and Dong Nai has finished their investigations and now we are waiting on the the official signature and DOJ approval. I am praying that it comes soon. How hard can it be? A signature and stuff it in an envelope and send it on to the MOJ, this shouldn't be too hard. Well, we'll see how fast it really goes.

It is with a heavy heart that we don't have our fellow Dong Nai families finished with their investigations. I know that this adoption process is a growing time for us. It is stretching my faith. It brings me to the questions of why do we have "almost approval" while others who have been waiting for SO LONG and WAY TOO LONG, still do not have this. It is similar to being in an accident and wondering why we come out unscathed and others are injured. These aren't questions that can have answers. But, makes me think. I am so thankful that we are moving forward. Please pray for the other 8 families that are waiting. The children need to be expedited home!


Jess and Joe said...

Congratulations on another baby step forward! I hope you, and all the other waiting families, get official approval soon.

J and J said...

That is an amazing blessing on your news.

I ask myself that ALL the time about why it takes longer for some and others process is shorter. Our total process took 19 months (which is about average) and I know that patience and faith ran thin at times. But in the end our faith and patience grew by leaps and bounds almost immeasurable.

I join you in prayer for these kids and families. May the painful wait end for all and 2009 be filled with many joyous family days!

Stevens Family said...

baby steps, baby steps. I hope you're next step is a giant leap!! Come on MOJ approval!!

Hank said...


Suzanne said...

Congratulations! It may be a small step but it is one step closer to Nathan.
It is very hard to accept why the approvals take longer for some families. It seems there is no rhyme or reason and that makes it harder. I will continue to keep all of the waiting families and children in my prayers.
Suzanne in MI

Duda Family said...

Valorie- enjoy the blessing that it is. Only He knows why this porcess is taking that time that it is for the Dong Nai families. Although of course we are sad for our family, we are rejoicing for yours! One more child of Dong Nai home means the officials have that much more time to complete the remaining cases! :) Love, Mary Li