Saturday, June 07, 2008

Good bye Little Green Car....We will miss you!

The move is becoming more final each day. Yesterday we sold our little green Saturn. It was on the lot for less than 24 hours. What does that tell you? It was a wonderful car that we sold too cheap! But, we got every penny's worth out of it even before we sold it. It has been a part of the family before Miranda's birth. When the Little Green Car, as we call it, was replaced as the family car by the Chaplain, it wasn't loved as well. But every time I got in it with the girls I verbalized that I was thankful for this car. The timing has worked out well. Dave has been hitching a ride with his replacement and next week his replacement will be on vacation and we are watching his two littlest kiddos and with that, we will be house and car sitting. I won't be carless....the week after is Dave's out-processing and he won't be going in to the office and then we leave. Dave prayed that we would have a PERFECT day yesterday. The only other thing that could have made it better was a referral, but no such luck.