Monday, June 30, 2008

Yellowstone has been a lot of fun. Boy, it is so much bigger than it looks on a map. We went from our camp, just outside the gate to Old Faithful and around the large loop. We have seen moose, buffalo, 3 grizzly bear, elk, deer and two little coyote pups. I didn’t get pictures of the pups because they were behind the bush, but we were all able to see them before they ran back to their hole. There was a Grizzly bear that walked through our camp last night. I didn’t know that he was there, until I talked to the guy at the camp store. I asked how often bears came through and he said quite often, but he hadn’t seen any this year. I can’t say enough that I was so happy to be in a trailer and not in a tent. You couldn’t have paid me to camp in a tent at Yellowstone. (probably anywhere for that matter) I need my creature comforts. Have you ever experienced a high off of Deep Woods OFF? I have! We went through a full can in 1 ½ days. Not more than 5 minutes out of the car, Miranda had it in her eyes. I have never seen so many pesky little mosquitoes in one place until there. They just hovered at the camp trailer door. I can’t wait to have mosquitos pestering me again in Vietnam. From Miranda’s little escapade with OFF in her eyes, we learned to use a paper towel to apply it to our face and neck.