Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sleep Deprived

The family woke up this morning to Miranda crying unconsolably because of an ear ache. We couldn't get the pain to stop even with the numbing ear drops. Dave and I decided that she needed to be seen immediately and took her to the local ER. Note to self....4 am is a great time to be seen at the ER. We got right in. The doctor was very sympathetic and gave her some heavy duty pain meds right away. She is doing much better and slept until after lunch today. We are all trying to recover our lost sleep. Poor Dave came home, showered and went to work. Thank God I am a stay at home mommy now. I went back to bed :)

We talked to our agency and we are farther out for a referral than we were hoping. I feel like God is trying to remind me to not put Him in a box or a number on a list. He is bigger than I can imagine and can do anything. When I was talking to our contact there, she asked if we had our church praying and I said yes that we have asked everybody that we talk to about our adoption to pray. She asked that we would include her and the staff in those prayers. I can imagine that it is a difficult time for them as well. So, please pray for the Holt Staff as well. I know that Holt is sending a staff member to Vietnam next week. On a side note, have you seen Fly Wheel? It is made by the same church as Facing the Giants. It was a reminder to me that God can work in ways that we don't expect and that He is bigger than our normal expectations. Anything is possible with God.