Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coconuts in the front, Bananas in the back!

Coconuts! I can't wait to get the spouses briefing of how to get into the coconuts
Bananas in the back. They are smaller, like Vietnamese bananas. I'm not sure what they taste like yet. They may be like plantains and good for cooking.

We were approved for a 4 bedroom house yesterday and decided on the was a hard decision, but I knew that I had prayed for a coconut tree and a banana tree, and that is what sealed it for me. It came down to location vs nicer house. I chose the location and better back yard. It isn't that the inside isn't nice on the one that we chose, just not as up to date. I think it is where we are supposed to live. E-mail me if you need our mailing address All of the houses look like this on the outside. They are typhoon proof! We are projected to move in on August 6. It has been vacant for a while and needs cleaned. We were also upgraded free of charge to a suite at our hotel. Things are looking up. We now both have phones. I held out a little longer, hoping to get Dave's stateside one unlocked...Grrrr (no luck). Anyway, we are getting set up.