Sunday, July 06, 2008


We have arrived in Prineville. We enjoyed fireworks with my parents and brother's family. It was quite a long show for a small town. I was exhausted. It was midnight by my internal clock when it started. I am slowly adjusting to the new time zones. I am hijacking somebody's internet at the 7-11 parking lot. We are headed out to the lake in a little bit. I'll get photos of last night at a later time.

We have had a great time with Dave’s family in Boise. I didn’t slow down long enough to update the blog the last few days.

We were able to see:
Grandma & Grandpa
Bruce & Richelle (Kenzie’s God Parents)--Picture are on Kenzie's camera. I'll try to post soon.
Chris & Theresa (Papa John & Nanny Nadine’s daughter & SIL)
Rich & Lorraina Ryan and kids (Rich and Dave were prison guards together at the Idaho State Penn. They are now both in the military. We are hoping the will hop to Guam for a visit.)

Kallie June

The girls had a full schedule with lots of card games, fishing with Grandpa and Dad in Mr. Keith’s boat at Lucky Peak.
The girls LOVE going fast. That was the highlight last year too. I think they each caught one fish, but dad didn’t get pictures. Grandma and I also took the girls to see the American Girl movie, Kit Kitteridge. It was cute. McKenzie and Miranda loved the fact that they could also call themselves hobos because they don’t have a home. It is an interesting situation to be in for as long as we have……Have I mentioned that I am SICK of suitcases? I would really like to throw everything away, but then I would have other problems wouldn’t I!

I stayed back and met a fellow PAP with a daughter from the same orphanage as Nathan. It was so nice to have another parent in the same situation as us and hear her perspective. She and her husband have been waiting for their little An for almost a year. Please pray for her that Bien Hoa will release her file miraculously (it is being held for reasons that are not under adoption regulation, if I am understanding this correctly). Please pray for a speedy homecoming for An.

I am struggling with waiting on some of our paperwork. Because we are in the unique situation that we are (homeless) I’m not thinking that the US Customs and Immigration would be delighted to approve Nathan’s citizenship. We have decided that waiting the next two weeks would be best. The other prayer request that I have for you is for our house. We haven’t heard from the housing office recently. We are requesting a 4 bedroom house and have sent Nathan’s birth certificate to prove the adoption, but they are requesting more paperwork. Believe me, I have a mountain of paperwork that I can send. What specifically are they wanting? I’m not sure that they know. The problem is that if we don’t get a 4 bedroom when we arrive, we will have to pay our own moving expense when Nathan comes home and move again. If I was pregnant, the four bedroom house wouldn’t be questioned. I would have a note from my doctor and a done deal. Please pray that this will not be a problem and that we get the house that we need with an address so I can file Nathan’s citizenship paperwork ASAP. I feel that every day we wait to file is another day longer that we aren’t with Nathan. I know that it doesn’t play out exactly like that, but I don’t ever want the paperwork delayed because of me!