Friday, December 05, 2008

Did Po's Arms Fall Off?

Please tell me that at the end of Kung Fu Panda his arms fell off. They didn't???? Oh, I'm in trouble. I will be busy running to the store to get more cake supplies to fix Po. I don't have time to post photos. I'll have to do that later. For now, I am off running errands like crazy!!!!

Right before Po's arms fell off Dave called and asked if I could make a stocking like Miranda had when she came home from the hospital in. I said sure, when do you need it? I could hear the background and caught on real quick that he was already at the hospital. Sure enough. He needs it, uh, NOW! I would have said no, but he told me there were complications and this would really help them. So, I am off to the fabric store too. Did I tell you that we have two Christmas parties, one tonight, one tomorrow night, Miranda's Water Park party tomorrow, and Foursquare Leaders in town and at our house on Sunday night for dinner?.....Well, I'm not getting much sleep this weekend. Gotta go!