Saturday, December 20, 2008

Positive Movement!

It isn't huge news, but any good news that the Vietnam Government has at least touched Nathan's file is good progress. We have heard that the Dong Nai officials have sent out an investigation team to verify his dossier and make sure that he really is an orphan. We are anticipating approval in the next two weeks. This is the approval that we thought we had at the end of August! After this, his file will go to the MOJ in Hanoi and then back to Dong Nai for People's Committee approval. These steps all take more time, and if everything just sails through, we may be able to travel in March. Please continue to pray for speedy approvals all the way around!

There are three other families that I am in close contact with that have been waiting much longer than we have. Please pray for Nathan, An, Hunter and Dannette that all of these children will receive miraculously speedy approval and travel home soon!

We are still waiting to hear for approval for Nathan's US Visa. At this point, I know it will come before we travel, but I want to have one more box checked off.


Suzanne said...

Valorie this is very good news! I am so happy to read that a step is being taken in the right direction.

Suzanne in MI

Stevens Family said...

Yes, "miraculously speedy approvals" are in order!!!

Great to here some news.

Jess and Joe said...

Great news! Every little step helps.