Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quarterly Update

We received Nathan's update. He is healthy and has had no health problems since the last update and likes to finish all of his food and is very attached to his foster mom. Not a whole lot is new. He is still 23 lbs. I think the update takes a few weeks to get to us. I am guessing these photos were taken the same day that the video was taken. We will have friends come over on Friday to translate the video. Hopefully we can learn a little more from it.
Here is a photo of my forever family
I have some mischief bottled up inside...I can barely contain myself
I need to be with my forever mom...she will fix my shorts!


Jess and Joe said...

Congrats on a great update! Nathan is a beautiful little boy. I hope you hear good news soon.

Annette said...

How handsome! I love the last picture. We pray that we all hear positive news from the DOJ soon!


Stevens Family said...

OMGness, he's just precious!! What a sweet little guy you have. I love the "mischief" picture and your comments on the pics are just great (especially about the shorts) LOL!! I can't wait to see pics of him finally in your arms!!

Carol said...

He is just adorable! Continuing to pray he will be home soon.


Anonymous said...

Val, is he just adorable!!! He will be home soon!!

Hugs, T and Doug

Anonymous said...

He's so cute!! we are so excited for you guys, we pray that everything goes well and that you get him pretty soon.
Lisa Scheller