Sunday, March 22, 2009

Agh! Sleep Deprived!

We are trying to stay awake and get our time clocks reset to Vietnam time. We don't have nearly the jet lag that some do, but leaving for the airport at 2:00 a.m. is enough to throw your system off. We have slept on the flights and are having our longest layover in Taiwan. On our way home, we will not have to endure this layover! However, we are very thankful that our flight here was only 4 hours and the flight to HCMC is 15 minutes...Ok, probably an hour and 15 minutes, but the time change eats up that hour. I can't wait to get there and go shopping.

Give the girls' our love, we already miss them. They are probably having way too much fun to remember to log into Skype!


J and J said...

Does it seem real yet? I remember being in Korea thinking is this really happening???? Can't wait to see him in your arms. I also agree Skype is the best!

Jess and Joe said...

Can't wait to see pictures of you with Nathan! I hope your last flight to Vietnam was smooth, and your trip to the hotel was too. How exciting!wa

asian~treasures said...

Hoping that you're THERE & have met Nathan!!! : )

Can't wait to see him in your arms.

Sheri, David, Micah & Adria

Hank said...

Hope the arrival went smooth!! Looking forward to seeing those FIRST pix. Tell Mr. Binh that Sophie said HI!! :-)