Friday, March 27, 2009


Very first bite of pizza. Never mind the spoon. He'll learn soon enough that he can eat pizza with his hands.
Pizza Nathan style. We gave him some of our pizza and his rice arrived right after. He immediately topped the rice with his pizza and ate the most that he has eaten since he has been with us!

Yesterday mom received her first kisses (other than the ones that I stole). It was right after his first bite of pizza!

We are staying at the Phuc Loi in the Old Quarter. It is right next to the Hanoi Elegance. The quaint hospitality is unmatched and the facilities are clean and nice.

A few more highlights:

We have never met a little boy who enjoyed changing his clothes so much and is delighted with every new little something that we have for him. He knows immediately that it is his and the excitement is contagious!

Mom's quote for the day...I've had better days--

"He fights everything, he won't eat and he pees all over the place!" We are blessed, but mom needed a break today!


Duda Family said...

He is just beautiful! Looks like you are having the time of your lives! Enjoy it all. Thanks for sharing. Love, Jim and Mary Li

Hank said...

Nice pictures!!! AHHH The Holt Min-van :-( Miss that thing...glad all is going well!!!

Jess and Joe said...

Yay! First kisses are amazing! Congrats on getting them so soon.

Anonymous said...

Nathan, is your mama telling lies on you?

Anonymous said...

PS, we moved from the Phuc Loi to Hanoi Elegance because we couldn't get internet. It was very awkward because we loved the staff but I couldn't live without my internet.
Natha looks like a delightful boy!

Stevens Family said...

Oh he is just so precious!! Love seeing the first kiss pic. What a cutie patootie!