Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We have a Mouse in the house..

Nathan is doing well, already getting comfortable and showing his 2 year old independance with Mom & Dad! He'll learn soon that we have been trained by the best (our two girls) and we are not pushovers :)

We are now in Hanoi and getting ready to go apply for his passport. There won't be any photos right now because the wireless is not workign in our hotel. Either it will get fixed, or we'll run down to the coffee shop on the corner later today.

Nathan's nickname in Vietnamese means mouse. We are so happy to have a new little mouse in the house! The little voice and feet running around is so much fun.

Nathan gets carsick!!!!!! He covered mom, himself and almost every carry on bag before boarding our flight and then again in the taxi. Lucky for us the taxi driver didn't want to take the long way :)


Stevens Family said...

So happy to hear you all are off to a great start. He sounds like such a fun little guy. Sorry to hear about the car sickness but at least now you know and can be prepared for it next time. That's sure one way to get the cab driver to take shortcuts, LOL! Can't wait to see more pics when you get a chance :)